Compared with twenty to fifty years ago we now have a much more highly educated workforce as well as more complex and less rigidly defined jobs.  The days of command and control style leadership are all but gone and organisations are now trying to encourage the role of manager as coach working in partnership with their team members. Here are some tips for managers on how to be an effective coach for your team members:

Ignore the fluff and keep it practical A lot of training and information relating to manager as coach is just too complex and often irrelevant to a manager’s role.  Whilst there is some overlap, we need to keep separate the capability requirements of an external executive coach and the role of a manager as coach.  The role of a manager as coach is simply to help their team members to perform their job to the best possible standard and to develop their capability - using coaching.  So ignore the fluff and jargon and focus on the basics.

Be confident – you already coach Many managers do not recognise that they already coach and have most of the skills and knowledge required to coach well.  You already coach – you do it on a day to day basis with your team members and even your kids or partner.  You just may not recognise it as coaching due to the mystique and lack of clarity about what coaching is (or isn't).

AuthorMichael Sleap