When I first started thinking about moving from being an employee of a consulting company to going out on my own as an independent consultant, I had a lot of questions about the exact mechanics of getting up and running.

So here is part one of the top list of critical decisions to make when starting as an independent consultant or freelancer. 

Much of this falls into the boring but important category, but hey, being your own boss isn’t all glitz and glamour (but it sure has a lot of great benefits!).

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According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report released today there are now almost one million Australians who work as independent contractors in their main job. 

 The Forms of Employment report provides a comprehensive insight into the shift in Australia’s labour market from the traditional employer-employee relationship built around full-time employment to branching out into other less traditional working arrangements. 

 It shows that as well as one million contractors in Australia’s labour market there are also around 367,000 employees engaged on a fixed term contract (one-third of whom are in the Education and training industry) and almost 610,000 ‘other business operators’ (people managing their own business).